Week 3 Weigh-in Results! (and another vlog!)

Hello again!

So week 3 is in the bag as they say. All in all not a bad week! I lost 1.4 pounds this week for a total of 8.2 in 3 weeks. Totes happy with that number. I am losing at a steady pace, and while I’m not losing as quickly as I did when I was 21 I couldn’t be happier! I did manage to do a video update this past week too.

Got to play with my new lighting setup and my new lens so I was geeking out a little bit on the setup. I am still a photographer/filmmaker at heart.

I will have a Week 4 update sometime late this weekend or early next week, and I must say I hope I have a decent loss this week because I’ve been kicking ass! 4-5 activity points each day, drinking water like a boss, and staying well within my daily and weekly points. I may actually surpass my goal this week of walking Maddie 3 times. I just finished walk number 2 for the week, our longest walk ever. Mapped out our route on Google and we walked 2 miles tonight! I think Maddie was more tired than I was. Although my back is getting pretty sore and my feet are killing me, we did it. I am so proud of us. I work a short day tomorrow and Friday so I am hoping my back won’t be killing me and I can sneak in an extra walk. I mapped out a 3 mile route to work up to and I am hoping we are able to do it a few times a week by the beginning of June.

Speaking of June, I am SO excited! I am going to sign Madison up for an Agility class that starts June 3rd. I am extremely nervous about it for several reasons. One being that I will probably be the biggest person there. I am afraid I will have a heart attack trying to run around an agility ring with my dog. Secondly I am nervous about how Maddie is going to do. She’s older (11 years) but in great physical condition. I am slightly concerned about her age being an issue but if you met this dog you’d never believe she was over 10. Every one of the trainers I talk to told me she will probably be fine. I am more concerned with how she will pick it up. She had obedience training years ago, and she is relatively well behaved, but I wouldn’t trust her off-leash. We are just doing it for fun and bonding, and not so much to be big competitors. So we will see, I’ll definitely keep you updated on her progress. I am thankful that I know some of the instructors already as they bring their agility dogs into the clinic where I work for chiropractic adjustments. Hey, if anything it will be more activity points, right? …