Week 3 Weigh In Results!

Ok, so this week was pretty damn good. Used some weekly points when I needed them, stayed within all allotted points overall. Totally can’t complain considering I lost 1.8 pounds this week! Brings my total weight loss to 10.6 pounds. Which means I only have to lose 10 pounds 11 more times!

One down, eleven to go. I can do this.

For my first ten pound loss I rewarded myself with a little trip to the bookstore. I bought a few horse books, and another book called the Beck Diet Solution that I will be reviewing as soon as I finish it. It isn’t a diet book where the author gives you a meal plan, but more of a self-help book where she helps you learn how to think when approaching food and weight loss. It is based on cognitive therapy and written by a shrink, the daughter of the man who developed cognitive therapy. So far has been an interesting read but I will save any more details for when I do the review.

I have been eating pretty well overall, I could stand to eat more veggies and I am not getting in my milk servings like I should be, but not doing horribly either. I am kicking ass on my water drinking however, and manage to average about 3 bottles of water a day which equals out to the required 6 glasses for Weight Watchers. Usually I drink even more. I have been avoiding diet soda like the plague, and only occasionally will I have some if I go to Subway for lunch or something. Right now everything’s pretty steady eddy. I did have a couple things I probably shouldn’t have this morning. Our office manager is leaving so she brought in some S’mores treats and some Lemon/Pineapple fluff stuff. I had 3 treats and maybe a 1/4 cup of the fluff. I counted 9 points for it all because I like to exaggerate my points. I’d much rather count too many points for something than underestimate! It really wasn’t 9 points for the small amount I had, but I feel better knowing I counted what I did, and I was still able to participate and not seem like the snooty girl on a diet. (which I completely have been guilty of in the past)

Let’s see, what else. Oh! I have been horrible about taking my supplements this week. If you’re curious what I am talking about check out the video here and at the end I talk about lots of random shit, then finally the supplements I take to help with my weight loss. Well this week was a bust and do you know why? Because I was cheap. I bought a big jar of applesauce instead of the single serving cups. Do you think that would make a difference? No. Does it taste any worse? No. Is it a pain in the ass to dish out? No. Did I do it? Sadly.. no.

I hate to admit it, but since there was an additional step in my already highly complicated (sarcasm) routine, I didn’t do it. Sigh. I am going to have to dish out a few servings at a time in my tiny tupperware bowls and just keep them in the fridge. Woe is me! My laziness strikes again! It’s no wonder I weigh over 200lbs, seriously people – I am a sloth. So that will be a goal for next week.

I went to the girly doctor too btw, bunch of bullshit. $115 later and I still know nothing, they want to repeat a ton of testing I already had done and maybe do a biopsy. Ugh. I don’t have insurance so it’s going to have to wait, again. Insurance should be offered soon at my job so maybe once that kicks in I can get some more testing done (that I have already had done, just had to reiterate that) and get this thing started.

On a positive note, something I have wanted for a long time might actually be happening sooner than I thought. I live at home with my mom because of a bad history with money issues (which has since been worked on) and because I have multiple pets so finding an apartment who allows 3 pets is nearly impossible. So I have been talking to my mom about duplexing her home and it might actually get done this time. I am over the moon! We will have to put in a second kitchen, but basically I would have a little apartment on the first floor of our house. I will have a bedroom/office, living room, kitchen and bathroom. So psyched! I heard that it might start as early as this weekend, woop! I am going to be busy picking out paint colors, dinner ware and flooring soon. I wish it could be done already as I have zero patience, but it will get done eventually, as long as it actually gets started!

So this post is all over the place but I haven’t had a ton of time to sit down and write lately and I had a lot to cover.

My goals for this week (which is already more than half over – oops!):

Lose 1 pound

Veggies with every meal.

Take all my supplements every day!

No exercise goals this week, I am lazy right now. I have walked Maddie twice since I re-committed so I am hoping to get back on the bandwagon soon enough.


Week 2 Weigh In Results

So I am a bit behind on my weigh in posts. I keep forgetting to do them until it’s the weekend again and time to weigh in, but I digress. My second week was a good one. I lost 2 more pounds which puts me at 229.4, for a total of 8.8lbs lost. I will take it!

Just a quickie post for WI results, I will try to post more this weekend. As for now, it’s 6:20am and time to go do my petsits.


Week One (Back at it) Weigh In Results

Ok, so I completely forgot to update the blog from my weigh in last week, and here it is Sunday morning and I’m due to weigh in again in a couple of hours. Oops!

Starting Weight: 238.2 lbs

This week: 231.4 lbs

Total Loss: 6.8 lbs


I had a great 1st week back, dropping 6.8 lbs. Mostly water weight I know, but I am thrilled with it. I had a good week back on track, and got most of my healthy checks for once. Now, it’s 7:30am, and I’m going back to bed.


Grocery Haul/Favorite Products Video!

Hey everyone, I decided to kick off my return with a video. I did a half-assed grocery haul and favorite products video with a little blurb at the end about what supplements I am taking right now to boost my weight loss. I have said before I do not take fat burners or metabolism boosters but I do however take natural vitamins and supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics to give me an edge in my weight loss. I didn’t talk about it in my video but I also will be undertaking some medical tests and treatments that will help me kick my metabolism in the ass. Let me explain a little bit more first.

I am not like most girls. I do not get a TOM (time of the month) and never have. I had a lot of tests done with an endocrinologist when I was 16-17 years old and they found zip. I had blood tests, cat scans and ultrasounds of my girly parts and all they could tell me was that everything seemed normal and that my menstruation was probably just delayed. Well, at 31 years of age it’s a little beyond just delayed at this point. In my adult life I never pursued it since I wasn’t wanting kids. I do tend to have a very slow metabolism and am always feeling drained and low on energy. As I learn more about how hormones control your metabolism and your over-all wellness it makes me want to kick myself. I have little to no estrogen in my system; which coupled with overeating and eating the wrong kinds of foods has left me severely overweight. It also causes some other pesky side-effects and can be fairly bad for your body long term. So after talking with a friend who went through the same thing she referred me to a OB/GYN that can put me on medication to kick start my cycle and then birth control to keep it regular and get some much needed estrogen in my system. Never has any girl been so excited to get her period, I shit you not. I know this may be a little TMI-ish but for the sake of honesty I’m putting it out there. And as a sort of experiment. I am planning on making an appointment next week and I will try to keep track of whether I feel it is helping me with more energy and a higher metabolism or not making a difference. Either way I’m going through with it! So that’s about it from me today, I’ll be back tomorrow with a weigh-in result post.

**Update since I shot the video: The Applesauce Trick works great! My mom is a genius! I just took 5 pills with no gagging, choking or spitting as per usual. I don’t know why I am a freak about taking pills, I always have been. I am afraid I’m going to choke so I get all weird about the pill being way back, in the perfect spot and yada yada. This worked great so I have to say I would recommend it for anyone who has a pill phobia like I do. I just grabbed a spoonful of applesauce plunked one pill in it and then swallowed it quick, works like a charm! (Tastes awesome to boot!) Score!**



Hopefully something will stick!

…and not to my thighs.

So I am back yet again. I hate to keep taking these hiatuses (hiatii?) but when I fall off the wagon so to speak I just don’t have it in me to continue my healthy living blog.

I will try to be better about that! Lately I have found myself saying “hopefully” or “I hope…” quite a bit. How did I get to a point in my life when everything was so beyond my control that I had to just sit back and hope for the best rather than taking action? I am done with I hope. I am sure it stems from my lack of confidence but I am sick of it! No more will I “try and hope for the best”.

Do or do not. There is no try. – Yoda

So you may have gathered by now that my presence here means I am yet again working towards losing weight. The amount of weight I have to lose seems insurmountable. I have to lose half of my body. That’s 120 pounds. It seems so hopeless, but then again I am through with hope, right?

I am looking at things in small, 10 pound increments. I can lose ten pounds. I can lose 10 pounds 12 times. No sweat. I can do this.

One thing I miss so badly it hurts is horseback riding. In the state I’m in I couldn’t even manage to get up on a horse let alone bounce around on the poor thing’s back. I am not one for animal cruelty. So my promise to myself is that when I get down to the weight I used to be when I was riding (160lbs or so) that I will splurge on new riding clothes, boots, and gear and get riding lessons again and possibly lease a horse. I will own my own horse some day too, just not ready for it yet. I want to feel the way riding on 1100 pounds of raw power made me feel back in the day. Athletic, talented, free. Nothing in my life has ever made me feel athletic until horseback riding.

So that is my new obsession and my new goal. I will get there.. 10 pounds at a time, 12 times.