Hopefully something will stick!

…and not to my thighs.

So I am back yet again. I hate to keep taking these hiatuses (hiatii?) but when I fall off the wagon so to speak I just don’t have it in me to continue my healthy living blog.

I will try to be better about that! Lately I have found myself saying “hopefully” or “I hope…” quite a bit. How did I get to a point in my life when everything was so beyond my control that I had to just sit back and hope for the best rather than taking action? I am done with I hope. I am sure it stems from my lack of confidence but I am sick of it! No more will I “try and hope for the best”.

Do or do not. There is no try. – Yoda

So you may have gathered by now that my presence here means I am yet again working towards losing weight. The amount of weight I have to lose seems insurmountable. I have to lose half of my body. That’s 120 pounds. It seems so hopeless, but then again I am through with hope, right?

I am looking at things in small, 10 pound increments. I can lose ten pounds. I can lose 10 pounds 12 times. No sweat. I can do this.

One thing I miss so badly it hurts is horseback riding. In the state I’m in I couldn’t even manage to get up on a horse let alone bounce around on the poor thing’s back. I am not one for animal cruelty. So my promise to myself is that when I get down to the weight I used to be when I was riding (160lbs or so) that I will splurge on new riding clothes, boots, and gear and get riding lessons again and possibly lease a horse. I will own my own horse some day too, just not ready for it yet. I want to feel the way riding on 1100 pounds of raw power made me feel back in the day. Athletic, talented, free. Nothing in my life has ever made me feel athletic until horseback riding.

So that is my new obsession and my new goal. I will get there.. 10 pounds at a time, 12 times.



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