Week 3 Weigh In Results!

Ok, so this week was pretty damn good. Used some weekly points when I needed them, stayed within all allotted points overall. Totally can’t complain considering I lost 1.8 pounds this week! Brings my total weight loss to 10.6 pounds. Which means I only have to lose 10 pounds 11 more times!

One down, eleven to go. I can do this.

For my first ten pound loss I rewarded myself with a little trip to the bookstore. I bought a few horse books, and another book called the Beck Diet Solution that I will be reviewing as soon as I finish it. It isn’t a diet book where the author gives you a meal plan, but more of a self-help book where she helps you learn how to think when approaching food and weight loss. It is based on cognitive therapy and written by a shrink, the daughter of the man who developed cognitive therapy. So far has been an interesting read but I will save any more details for when I do the review.

I have been eating pretty well overall, I could stand to eat more veggies and I am not getting in my milk servings like I should be, but not doing horribly either. I am kicking ass on my water drinking however, and manage to average about 3 bottles of water a day which equals out to the required 6 glasses for Weight Watchers. Usually I drink even more. I have been avoiding diet soda like the plague, and only occasionally will I have some if I go to Subway for lunch or something. Right now everything’s pretty steady eddy. I did have a couple things I probably shouldn’t have this morning. Our office manager is leaving so she brought in some S’mores treats and some Lemon/Pineapple fluff stuff. I had 3 treats and maybe a 1/4 cup of the fluff. I counted 9 points for it all because I like to exaggerate my points. I’d much rather count too many points for something than underestimate! It really wasn’t 9 points for the small amount I had, but I feel better knowing I counted what I did, and I was still able to participate and not seem like the snooty girl on a diet. (which I completely have been guilty of in the past)

Let’s see, what else. Oh! I have been horrible about taking my supplements this week. If you’re curious what I am talking about check out the video here and at the end I talk about lots of random shit, then finally the supplements I take to help with my weight loss. Well this week was a bust and do you know why? Because I was cheap. I bought a big jar of applesauce instead of the single serving cups. Do you think that would make a difference? No. Does it taste any worse? No. Is it a pain in the ass to dish out? No. Did I do it? Sadly.. no.

I hate to admit it, but since there was an additional step in my already highly complicated (sarcasm) routine, I didn’t do it. Sigh. I am going to have to dish out a few servings at a time in my tiny tupperware bowls and just keep them in the fridge. Woe is me! My laziness strikes again! It’s no wonder I weigh over 200lbs, seriously people – I am a sloth. So that will be a goal for next week.

I went to the girly doctor too btw, bunch of bullshit. $115 later and I still know nothing, they want to repeat a ton of testing I already had done and maybe do a biopsy. Ugh. I don’t have insurance so it’s going to have to wait, again. Insurance should be offered soon at my job so maybe once that kicks in I can get some more testing done (that I have already had done, just had to reiterate that) and get this thing started.

On a positive note, something I have wanted for a long time might actually be happening sooner than I thought. I live at home with my mom because of a bad history with money issues (which has since been worked on) and because I have multiple pets so finding an apartment who allows 3 pets is nearly impossible. So I have been talking to my mom about duplexing her home and it might actually get done this time. I am over the moon! We will have to put in a second kitchen, but basically I would have a little apartment on the first floor of our house. I will have a bedroom/office, living room, kitchen and bathroom. So psyched! I heard that it might start as early as this weekend, woop! I am going to be busy picking out paint colors, dinner ware and flooring soon. I wish it could be done already as I have zero patience, but it will get done eventually, as long as it actually gets started!

So this post is all over the place but I haven’t had a ton of time to sit down and write lately and I had a lot to cover.

My goals for this week (which is already more than half over – oops!):

Lose 1 pound

Veggies with every meal.

Take all my supplements every day!

No exercise goals this week, I am lazy right now. I have walked Maddie twice since I re-committed so I am hoping to get back on the bandwagon soon enough.


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