Challenging Myself

So I’ve been living a healthier lifestyle for just shy of two months now. I have tried (and mostly succeeded) to change the way I view food and myself. I feel comfortably “in the zone” by now and I feel it is finally time to add in exercise again.

That scares the shit out of me.

I, like most people, HATE exercise. I hate sweating, I hate when I can’t do something, I hate that it makes me hungrier, I hate that I tend to gain weight when I exercise.

But I know it is definitely required. I know I have to do it to reshape my body as I drop the fat, and that it will make me happy, give me energy and make me healthier all over. So, basically I don’t really have a choice.

I did stumble across something that might help. Zombies.


Wait, a second before you roll your eyes and leave. Apparently there is a Couch to 5k type app that has zombies in it. I shit you not.

Intrigued I set out to find some reviews on the thing, and they are mostly on the plus side. I plunked down the $1.99 for the app and I will be starting it soon. Now, obviously I am not in running shape. I have bad knees, bad back, and a bad neck. It’s pretty much just all bad at this point. The nice thing about this app is that it works as a training program so you start out slow and over the course of 8 weeks you build up your endurance until you are running a 5k. There is also a Zombies, Run! app that is for more advanced (read: already fit people) that you can segue into once you’re ready.

So hopefully with the gradual training I will be able to do this shit. Oh yeah – and this blog. I am going to be posting updates about my training here good, bad and seriously ugly. I am not a runner, but maybe I can sorta slowly and gracelessly jog enough to satisfy my exercise requirements. Only time will tell. This oughta be interesting..

..I don’t even own a sports bra. Sigh.


Weigh In Results – Week 6

So week 6 was an interesting week for me. My mom came home from work early Monday evening and told me my Gram had passed away. I was in shock. While I wasn’t as close with Gram as other people in my family, I obviously loved her a ton and wished I had gotten to see her more often.

Her funeral arrangements were made for this past weekend and she was to be buried with her late husband in West Virginia. So with like 5 weekly points left we traveled to West Virginia from Ohio. I packed some snacks for the trip which saved me, and while I couldn’t track while I was there (no internet, we were in the boonies) I just tried to keep track in my head and eat sensibly, making the best decisions I could.

On the way down we stopped at Hardee’s for lunch. (Remember what I said in my last video about living with people who aren’t on a healthy eating plan, well yeah – Hardee’s is what they pick for lunch.) I got their turkey burger with a diet coke for lunch, and skipped the fries. Even though I wanted to dive into my mom’s order from the backseat I refrained.

Dinner was at my great aunt Bonnie’s house, and fortunately for me – my great aunt Bonnie isn’t such a hot cook. I barely ate anything, and ended up having a piece of store bought cheesecake for dinner. Go me!

Bonnie’s breakfast the next morning was notably tastier, and I had fresh sausage, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. Tried to have just a small serving of fried potatoes but I couldn’t skip them altogether – they are irresistible to me. (Noticing a trend here?)

Dinner on the way home was Shoney’s. (Again, not my first choice but what are ya gonna do?) I had a turkey burger yet again and this time finally was able to enjoy some french fries. My food was delicious!

Overall, I know I went over my weeklies and I was hoping any activity points I earned (hello, climbing up a mountain to my Gram’s grave site) would even out the keel. I didn’t go hog wild with every meal (as per my typical behavior) but instead I had moments where I wanted to snack and didn’t. Such as when Bonnie got up, came into the kitchen and put a bag of chips on the counter for me since I was watching tv in the living room. (I got to sleep on the couch)

I know I went over my points, but not by a ton. I didn’t eat whatever the f*@! I wanted and stuff my face the whole time either. I practiced portion control even though I couldn’t track my points. I packed sensible snacks in a cooler for the trip so I wouldn’t be tempted by gas station fare on the way down. I drank my water every day. (Thank you Aunt Bonnie for having a ton of bottled water!!) I went about it in a practical, logical way rather than my typical way which would be to shrug and say “Meh, what the hell. My grandma just died, I am just gonna do what I want and get back on track Monday.”

…and I lost 1.4 lbs this week.

That is awesome to me. That I can follow the program (albeit loosely) and still lose weight. I am down 16.2 overall. That is awesomesauce to the Nth degree my friends. Seeing a lower weight pop up on the scale the morning after eating a burger and.. ZOMG, french fries!? This is doable.

So I got back home Saturday night, picked up a neonate kitten that needs fed every 3 hours Sunday morning, and then went straight to my housesit that was Sunday-Thursday. Needless to say I have had a very busy week, have had very little sleep (thank you adorable kitten that I need to wake up 3 times a night for), and I am looking forward to the weekend. One of the girls I work with is taking the kitten tonight, and I will finally be home after 4 days of housesitting, but the bummer is that I have to work tomorrow. :/

After Friday I will be off or the weekend but then I’ll have the kitten again. Oi vey. I hope his owners get back from vacation soon! Oh well, I guess I can still sneak in some matches of Call of Duty in between feedings.

Weigh In Results – Week 5

Ok, so in trying to do better about posting on time I am posting on my actual weigh in day – shocking I know. I had an unexpectedly good weigh in this morning. After using up all my weekly and activity points last week I had expected a very small loss, a maintain or even a small gain. I typically don’t do as well when I eat ALL my points. Surprisingly though I lost 1.8 for the week! Which brings my total to 14.8 lost overall. Just a hair shy of 15 lbs, but I am pretty confident I will get there next week!

I did a suuuuper long update video about last weeks progress, my mom duplexing her house for me, and about an amazing little trick I learned to make banana ice cream. (It’s to die for, and 0 points!) Check that out right here, you can skip to the end if you just want the recipe for banana ice cream.


Yeah, I told you it was long! I had no idea that I had run my mouth for that long until I put it all together – oops! I promise shorter videos in the future. 🙂

Weigh In Results – Week 4

Wow, what a surprising weigh-in this week. I am down 2.4 pounds for a total of 13 pounds lost in one month! Score! What a great weigh in to finish out the month! I totally blasted my goal of 1 pound too. I did horrible on my goal of getting all my supplements in though. I even made it through a housesitting job this weekend which usually spells trouble for me while trying to remain on a healthy diet. More about that later. I did eat more veggies, I even snacked on a green pepper and strawberries last night when I wanted to snack on something and I didn’t want to spend any points as late as it was. I am proud of myself for that.