Week 3 Update – Motivation

Wow, what a crazy weekend! The fact that I managed to get a vlog shot this weekend is hard to believe! Especially since I think I reshot it about 470 times, but I digress. Check it out right here:

I am proud of everything I got accomplished over the past 3 days. I have been housesitting since Friday afternoon, my mom and I went shopping for goodies and groceries Saturday, then shopping again Sunday for the couple grocery things we both inevitably forgot from the previous day. I got all my meal prepping done yesterday as well for my lunches throughout the week.

Today was the craziest day of all though – no down time for me at all! I got up and took one of the dogs I am watching into the clinic to be seen (he was just itchy – nothing major!), then I ran him home, drove all the way back to my house, ran to the bank, stopped in at my sisters resale shop to buy scrubs for the clinic employees (3 bags worth), then I went BACK home for a few minutes to catch up with my mom and pick up some stuff I needed. But the day didn’t end there.. oh no. Stopped back at the store because I bought the wrong kind of makeup yesterday – doh!  I left there and made a trip to AltSmoke, the electronic cigarette store. Thank god they opened one up about 20 minutes from my house so I at least don’t have to drive an hour to the one down south finally! I get stocked up on e-cig goodies and head back to my client’s house to check on the boys and give them a potty break. Get my vlog shot amazingly in time to leave for an evening pet sitting consult. So I get done there and have to go allll the way back home to check on Maddie and the kitties and make sure they are all good until I get home tomorrow night. Then finally back to my client’s house to collapse and start editing my video and getting ready for my 12 hour day tomorrow.

Sigh. I thought weekends were for rest and relaxation!

Honestly though I can’t complain because I feel super accomplished going into the week. Not really a feeling I am used to having on Sunday or Monday evenings. I am the queen of procrastination and disorganization, haha. Feeling like I am ready to tackle the week is sorta novel for me. Who knows? Maybe my week will be super restful and relaxing… HAHA.. yeah right – dream on Tiff.

The one thing I didn’t get around to today was shooting the video for the snack I keep talking about, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. My camera battery died and I was NOT about to drive home for the 7th time today! So I will be shooting that one later this week at home. Anywho, hope everyone out there in blogland has a great week!




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