Week 4 Update – Be Realistic!

Yet another vlog update, and talking about having realistic expectations about how you eat when on a weight loss journey. We cannot be perfect 100% of the time, and sometimes it’s better to be “imperfect”! Check it out:


I decided to start posting my weigh in results in my actual blog posts too in case no one wants to watch the vlog! So I had an amazing week this week. Was home from Tuesday night through Thursday morning and then it was back at it with a new housesitting gig for the weekend! I woke up this morning and drove home to weigh in… and smashed it! I lost 2.6 lbs this week for a total of 13 pounds for the month. I also blasted through my 5% goal! Next goal is losing 15 pounds, hopefully will hit that next week if I play my cards right.

As per usual lots of stuff going on this weekend, cats sitting on my lap, big dogs giving kisses and pulling me all over the yard – pretty typical stuff for me. Can’t wait to get home tomorrow and clean out my fridge to get ready for my grocery trip Monday. Planning on doing my shopping in the morning and then meal prep in the afternoon/evening. Getting a little bit tired of chicken and quinoa so I think I am gonna mix it up this week and try out some new recipes for lunch meals. Found an awesome sounding recipe for buffalo chicken alfredo here that I am dying to try. Would make a good lunch with some broccoli thrown in and it looks like the serving sizes are pretty decent too! The thing I am most excited about though is that I am going elliptical shopping this weekend! The plus side of all this housesitting and pet sitting is that I made enough to finally get an elliptical! Woot woot! Planning on going to Sears on Monday (still weekend for me, mwahahahaaa) and looking around to see what I can find in my price range. The only thing I am worried about is putting the monster together, but hopefully I’ll manage – I mean hey, that’s why cuss words were invented. Amiright?

I didn’t get a chance to shoot the video for the awesome snack I keep teasing this week with all the craziness but I swear I will shoot it this weekend at some point. So there’s that to look forward to as well. I will keep you posted with elliptical shopping, hopefully I get lucky!





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