Week 5 Update – Challenge Yourself!

Hey everyone! Another weekend is coming to a close for me and it’s been a fly-by weekend of sorts. House sitting through Sunday and a wedding to photograph on Sunday as well. I didn’t get around to doing my vlog until today but better late than never, right? I managed to get a ton of stuff done today including cooking my lunches for the week. I think I am going to start cooking two different meals to put together and try to do lunches and dinners. I find myself eating a boca burger and chips almost every day because it’s fast, easy and tastes good. So I need to find some new recipes to introduce into my meal prep so I have double the meals for the week. Anywho, onto the video:

I lost 0.4lbs this week, I’ll take it. I ate a boca burger with mustard and pickles, a can of green beans and a serving of lean cuisine pretzels the night before weigh in… holy sodium Batman! I also attribute the smaller loss to stress.. Stress about my cat being sick, stress about juggling my house sitting and the wedding, stress about shooting the wedding. It’s amazing I have hair left honestly. Here’s hoping this week is the nice and relaxing down time I need it to be before I start my month solid house sitting bookings. Hellooo summer busy time. Oi vey!



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