New Start, New Blog

All future posts will be on my new blog: Too Big For My Breeches. Please refer to the link to continue following my journey!


Life can suck sometimes..

Don’t let the title fool you, this shouldn’t be a depressing post. I have, however, had some ups and downs the past few weeks. Right after my last post my cat George passed away unexpectedly. He was my diabetic kitty I have spoken of before.

10516735_816643471700496_1098513113100579201_nI was extremely upset because he seemed to be doing better after I switched his food. He was eating again and had stopped vomiting, but apparently he had something else going on. 😦 I miss him every single day.

So right after I got his ashes back, it was time to go on vacation. I was a  bit apprehensive to go off and enjoy myself while I was still trying to grieve for Georgie, but I decided it might be a reprieve that I really needed. So I went, I enjoyed myself, and I thought of him often.


The vacation was a lot of fun and a lot of work, and I had a big epiphany of sorts.

I. Cannot. Stay. This. Big.

Walking up and down that cruise ship and walking around the beach nearly killed me.


I actually had a bit of a breakdown in the airport on the way home trying to simply walk from one end of the airport to the other to find our gate. My legs were cramping and on fire and I felt like a fat loser. I cried in an airport because I couldn’t walk, ugh.

All of this crap I felt while trying to “relax” on vacation made me realize that I cannot exist like this anymore. I made a pact to get started back on program as soon as I got home, and that’s what I did. I am currently on my 2nd day of meal prepping and weightwatchers. I am trying to do WW on my own for now, albeit loosely. I am mostly eating clean and preparing my meals ahead of time so I know exactly what’s going in my body. I plan on cutting a little looser over the weekends like I did before. That worked so well for me!

So I get home, and got back to work yesterday. I had been missing Georgie pretty badly the night before and had been thinking of him a lot since I got back home. Yesterday went pretty well at work, just a normal day. At the end of the day something awesome happened. I came downstairs and heard the doctor tell one of the nurses who was bathing something in the sink, “You HAVE to show Tiffy.” I said, “Show Tiffy what?” and walked over. When the nurse turned toward me I thought I had walked through time. She was holding a pitiful, sickly black kitten who looked uncannily like my George did when he was found on the side of the road as a baby.

20141008_171915She told me someone had just dropped him off, and they had found him wandering around in the road. He has an Upper Respiratory Infection, fleas, lice, and probably worms. So did George. His left eye is scarred and he might lose it, just like George. He is pitiful and gross looking, but adorable. Just like George. I immediately fell in love with him.

I have an apartment in my mom’s house, so any and all pets must be ok’d through her. I texted her his photo and said “Look what just got dropped off, can we keep him?”. She replied back with, “You’re killing me! I will think about it.”

Which means yes.

I hope anyways, we talked about it after I got home last night and I think I have a pretty good chance of being able to bring this little bugger home when he’s mended. I think I will call him Cieran. It’s Irish for “little dark one”.


Oi Vey 2: Oi Vey Harder

Yeah, so I didn’t get my ass back in gear yet. *facepalm*

I tried actually, and it lasted for oh, about 3 days if that. Sigh.


I do have good/exciting news. In two weeks I will be going to Florida and the Bahamas! I am going down to Miami for a couple of days and then boarding a cruise ship for a weekend in the Bahamas. I am SO excite. Never been cruising before, and I have only been to Florida once and it wasn’t even the coast, so to say I am looking forward to my vacay would be an understatement.


New and improved plan is to enjoy vacation and relax, pig out on the cruise and then get my ass in line upon my return back home. It’s nice and cool out now so I can start walking erryday with the pup (who just had a birthday, Happy 13th Birfsday Maddie!) and it won’t induce heatstroke. Hello Fall, I missed you!

Now a moment of seriousness if you please.

I have been having some issues with self-disgust not only from being overweight but from procrastination and lack of apathy in my life. I have gotten a few BIG things done and lots of little things that have been eating away at my soul for weeks or months. I have decided not to live with this anymore so from now on it is a goal of mine to stop procrastinating! It has only affected my life in negative ways.

That being said, I know I am procrastinating about starting my weightloss journey again hardcore but lemme explain…

I am not eating fast food every single day and haven’t been for 2 weeks now. I have been brownbagging my lunch and cooking at home for all my meals. It doesn’t sound like much, but it has made a big difference. I am letting myself get into the midset of eating from home. I plan on using my vacation to get all the bad stuff out of my system and be able to come back refreshed and ready to start.

So, all of that being said – you will be seeing more regular posts starting sometime the second week in October. Until then, I’ll be cruising and enjoying my time off that I worked my arse off this whole summer for. Hells yeah!


Oi vey.

I am still alive, eating like crap – but alive.

So, what had happ’n was… I went to Columbus for the weekend and totally pigged out, then I came back home and the next day was my birthday and I totally pigged out. Then I just kept pigging out from then until now.


So I am actually going to Columbus again this weekend for my Healing Touch for Animals Level 2 Course, and I don’t plan on trying to watch what I eat while I’m there either. My plan is to enjoy myself over the weekend and then get my ass back in line when I get back. I took 2 months off my weight loss journey and I am positive I gained back the entire 20 lbs I lost, plus some. I haven’t weighed myself since June, so we will see what the damage is come Monday.

Here we go again.



Week 7 Update – Guilt

Had a pretty crazy week but still nailed my weigh-in, down 2.8 lbs for a total of 19 lbs gone!

The craziness continues too, I am winding down my last day until I leave for Columbus for the weekend. So much to do, so little time to do it when I am working until 7pm, pet sitting, house sitting and going nuts in the process. At least I am already packed and I cleaned out my car this morning! All I have left to do is clean at my one petsit and run the sweeper, straighten up at my housesit since someone else will be there over the weekend until I get back Sunday night, go get my oil changed and air in my tires, stop by the ecig place and get supplies… Blech! I hate having a million things to do. I started trying to do some sort of daily vlog, and I haven’t done one the past couple days but I am hoping I can do one tomorrow and over the weekend. Here is the first one:

Enjoy, and cross your fingers for me that I get everything done by 3pm tomorrow. Yikes!


Week 6 Update – Craziness!

Technically I got this uploaded last night, but I was super exhausted and passed out before I linked it here. Oops!

Amazingly, I lost 3.2 pounds this week. Woohoo! Total loss of 16.6 pounds now. Lets keep this up! Thinking of trying out daily vlogging for a week or so to see how I like it. I think it would really keep me accountable, and besides – it sounds like fun. We shall see…



I’m still here…

I am still here I promise. Going to be posting an update video tonight hopefully. My past week has been absolutely insane! House sitting and pet sitting and day jobs oh my! I’ve been doing great on my plan though even with all the craziness and a slight pet sitting-induced mini nervous breakdown. Hello Summer Busy Season!! It’s nice to see you again – psych! I cannot complain about being busy, when I am not busy I feel like I should be doing something about it. So I appreciate all my furry clients. Even when they make me cry at 12, 1, 2 or even 3am. It’s worth it!

My plan of eating my weeklies on the weekend and being super strict through the week is working well. I can rein it in during the week and it’s easy to say no to the cake and cookies at work when I know I can have exactly what I want *cough*caramelapplespicefromstarbucks*cough* on Saturday!

Update video will be up in a few hours! 🙂